Our {app}roach

We practice what we preach on a daily basis

{app}ly knowledge & skills, always!

We always base our work on the experience and know-how we’ve gathered throughout the years. We tend to advise our clients to rely on us for the important technical decisions.

{app}reciate the mistakes

We learn from our mistakes and we are proud to admit that this is part of our DNA. Everyone can make a mistake but not everyone can learn the lessons and move forward.

{app}rove ideas that matter

Technology products are easy to imagine and hard to build. We work alongside founders to help them focus on the best ideas that will change the course of their company to the better.

{app}ealing product is the shortcut to success

We believe technology is built to make people’s lives easier. It should be beautiful, simple to use, and inspiring for everyone.

{app}laud achievements

We know how to motivate our teams and to say “Nice job” when people deserve it.

Meet the team

What makes us unique is that we actually care about the projects we take on. Our portfolio is full of winners – and we would like it to stay that way. This is one of the things that differentiates us from the rest of the software companies out there.. We put our hearts and souls into the products we build as if they were our own. Which may also mean telling you some hard truths about your business concept sometimes. We expect from ourselves nothing but excellency so we encourage the constant research & usage of new technologies and tools. Our mantra is – “If there is a better way to do something, find it and use it!”


Martin Markov



Ralitsa Ivanova



Deyan Genovski


Why {app}olica for your Startup?

Lean & Quick

During our journey we will help you identify and stick to the key requirements your MVP needs to bring the most value to your customers.

Ready to Scale

Building a solution that is stable & scalable is what we strive for. We’ll help you develop or transform your product to be ready for mass adoption.


We believe that in order for a product to be successful it’s quality needs to be exceptional. We have specially designed a process that ensures an impeccable end-result.


We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly throughout our careers. This allows us to advise our partners on how to avoid making the mistakes that companies often make.


We are not in the business of just building something. We want to fully understand the idea and the problem you are trying to solve. We try to get involved as much as possible and use our expertise to suggest solutions to your problems

360* Services

We offer the full set of services that you will need to get from your idea through the drawing board to the app release.

We give more

As a part of BattlePass Studio we’ll help you speed up your development & reduce your expenditure so you can grow the company in a smarter way. Also, we’ll help you apply for startup credits that will cover your expenses for cloud services, analytics, and storage while you are getting your startup off the ground. This way you can focus your funding on what’s really important.

Our values

The ones we stand by no matter what


Code quality is hugely important because it ensures the future maintainability of the product. We apply a multi-step code review process both through automated tools and through manual checks to guarantee its merits. We never deliver anything to the users that is not meeting all of our and the industry standards for a praiseworthy product.


We are great believers that what really matters when building a product is the value that gets delivered to the user. This is why we have optimized our processes to maximize the benefits for the users. We utilize an iterative agile methodology that helps us adjust the product as the requirements evolve throughout the software development


We always try to be transparent in the communication with our clients and give our honest opinion and suggestions