From the idea to the product

We offer all of the required services for building a mobile application from the ground up.

Requirements elicitation

This is the process of engaging the stakeholders and accurately identifying their needs. We translate their ideas to functional and nonfunctional requirements, then we pick the right tools and services.

UI/UX design

Experienced designers applying the best practices while designing your app. Interactive UX design so you can “feel” your app even before it has been built.

Mobile development

Experts in developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Using the latest and greatest tools and frameworks.


Build scalable and reliable cloud solutions to serve your application.

Quality Assurance

Ensure the users receive high quality and a pixel-perfect product. Reliability and quality are some of the most important aspects of a software product.

How We Work

1. Idea

The first step is understanding the idea. We will conduct a series of meetings with you in order to properly comprehend what exactly we are trying to build.

2. Requirements

After the initial meetings we will identify the key requirements that would make your app serve its purpose.

3. Low fidelity wireframes

The next part of the process is to create a set of minimalistic wireframes that show how the main features of your app will work. This step helps us to have a quick feedback loop between you and our UX designers.

4. Pixel perfect design

After we have agreed on the app structure and the features workflow, our UX designers will translate the wireframes into detailed designs that will show exactly (pixel perfect) how your app will look like.

5. Iterative development

Once the design is ready we will start the development process. You will be an integral part of it and you will receive regular versions for feedback. Quality Assurance will constantly be executed in parallel.

6. Release preparation

Next is the preparation for the release of your app. This involves a final end-to-end testing of all the features, coming up with the necessary creatives for the app stores and releasing the required backend services.

7. Release

The final step of the development process is the sweetest of all. After a short review process, your application becomes available for download.